Women who are lesbian, bisexual and same sex attracted (SSA) have some unique and important health issues and health care needs.
This site is dedicated to providing information about these issues and needs from an Australian perspective for women, for health care providers and for health researchers.
Research about the health of these women can be difficult to access. This site showcases one Australian research project (DIALOG) on the experiences of general practice care, as well as providing links to other research.

Lesbian, bisexual and SSA womens' health


DIALOG PhD project

Health issues for lesbian, bisexual and SSA women particularly include those related to specific lifestyles, and the health effects of living in a world that can be homophobic or can assume that every woman is heterosexual.


DIALOG (disclosure and attitudes towards lesbians: outcomes in general practice) is an interview-based study exploring the patient-doctor relationship between lesbian, bisexual and SSA women and their GP from both perspectives.

About Ruth McNair – the site author
Ruth is a general practitioner in Carlton, specialising in lesbian and women’s health. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne. She is currently undertaking the DIALOG PhD research project.
She is a member of several Victorian government advisory committees on lesbian health. She was the founding Convener of the Fertility Access Rights Lobby from 1999 to 2004. She is immediate past Convener of the Australian Lesbian Medical Association from 2001-2005.

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